Terms and Conditions



Pricing Policy :
All fares mentioned on our website are subject to change without any notice.
All fares must be Prepaid before we provide our Services.

Proceedure for LAX Curbside Pick-up :
For curbside pick-ups,Our Drivers parks the car in the Assigned LAX airport parking Lot for Limousines . When Passengers flights arrives, our driver call Passengers cell phone and give them their phone #. Passengers collect their luggage, if they have any checked-in luggage, and go to the street curbside at Arrival Terminal. Passenger call from the curbside to the Driver , and say they are ready to board. Usually the Car arrives at the curbside in 5 to 15 Minutes from airport parking depends on Airport Traffic.
Note:We can pick-up our passengers from the curbside only, not from the center isle. Please always stay in front of White Line not in front of Red Line or Taxi Line.
For Passengers carrying International Phone Numbers, We only Provide Meet and Greet Service ( Baggage Claim Pickup ).

Rate Estimates :
The rate quoted, prior to your trip, is an estimate based on the information you provided at the time of the reservation. Fees for waiting time and additional stops ( if not requested prior reservation ) are not included in the estimate and will increase your rate.

Additional Charges :
Any changes made to your trip after pick-up may result in additional charges. Be sure to get an updated price from the driver before proceeding on your way.

Gratuity/Tip for the Driver :
When using LA LAX Town Car Limo, a mandatory gratuity of 20% will apply.

Cancelation Policy :
We do not charge any fee if the Cancellations is more than 24 hours of a scheduled vehicle departure . Cancellations within 12 hours of scheduled vehicle departure time will be charged 25% trip fare.Cancellations within 6 hours of scheduled vehicle departure time will be charged 1/2 trip fare. Cancellations within 3 hours of scheduled vehicle departure time will be charged 75% trip fare. Cancellations after scheduled vehicle departure will be charged full fare, including gratuity.
NOTE: Cancellations or changes CANNOT be made without a phone conversation with the dispatcher Please call (310) 462 - 2043 for more info.

No Shows :
No-shows and/or cancellations after scheduled vehicle departure will be charged full fare, including gratuity.
NOTE: Cancellations or changes CANNOT be made without a phone conversation with the dispatcher.
Please call (310) 462 - 2043 for more info.

Waiting Charges :
You may be required to pay a WAITING FEE in order to receive service if you are more than sixty (60) minutes late for your pickup from an airport, or more than Ten (10 ) minutes late for your pickup from any other location*. The waiting fee per half-hour period or portion thereof, spent waiting: $35.00. If you are more than SIXTY (60) MINUTES LATE for your pickup, we reserve the right to CANCEL your pickup with NO REFUND. However, please attempt to contact us as we might be willing to continue waiting for you in certain situations
( Waiting Charges Apply )..

Aditional Stops :
The fare quoted online does not include any additional stops or waiting charges made during your trip. Unless specifically requested, when booking a reservation by phone or Online. Additional stops are calculated by the distance deviated from the route between the original pick-up and destination. You may obtain an exact quote for additional stops, in advance by speaking with us at (310) 462 - 2043.

Rescheduling or Changing itinerary :
If you request to reschedule or change any details related to your reservation, (A) If we are able to accommodate your changed plans, we will do so and charge a rescheduling/change fee equal to the greater of either $45 or 20% of the quoted rate for your reservation. (B) If we are unable to accommodate your changed plans, your reservation will be considered a cancellation, subject to the cancellation rules & policies explained on this web page.

Hourly and Multi Stop Service :
We only Provide Hourly/Multi Stop Service with in the Greater Los Angeles Area , If you have reserved the car for Hourly Service , Please Note that our drivers will not go more than 30 ( Thirty ) Miles Area from your Pickup Address, If you wish to use our Car service for more than 30 (Thirty ) Miles Please call us (310) 462 - 2043.

Lost-and-Found policy :
We are not responsible for any baggage, personal items, or anything else left behind by passengers in the vehicle. However please contact us if you have lost any item and we will return it to you if we have found it.

Credit Card Policy :
We only take an authorization on the card to guarantee funds availability, it will show as (Pending funds) if you check your credit card account statement on-line. The authorization amount is usually higher than the expected charges just incase if you decided to make some additional stops you did not inform us of or changed your destination .We will then only charge your card on the day of the service.
Please Note : LA LAX Town Car Limo reserve the rights to cancel the Confirm Reservation if we fail to get the authorization from the Credit Card provider before the Passengers Pickup.

Our Privacy Policy :
LA LAX Town Car Limo does not release any information to any Organization or Person. It is our policy to protect your privacy and identity at all times View our Privacy Policy for more details.